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Col. Ali Adan Hamud is the Spokesperson of the AMISOM Cali Aadan Afhayeenka Ciidamada AMISOM Col; Cali Aadan Xumad

Major Barigye Bohuko Spkokesman of the African Union Mission in Somalia

Breaking News: September 23, 2012

The Forthcoming Somali Prime Minister Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye will be Somalia's most educated Prime Minister ever to take up this post in regard to his credential qualifications in many social and a

cademic fields as well as researches and writings.

Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye has already written 6 bestselling Novels and 4 academic books which are available in any worldwide bookstores, and he's a Noble Prize Candidate for a contributory Literature of the First Bilingual and Plurilingual Dictionary of Swahili-Soomaali.

Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye has PhD in Political Sociology and he is also a graduate of Conflict Analysis at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC as well as a graduate of National Security and Defense Strategy at Inter-American Defense College in Washington DC.

Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye is very humble and public diplomat who served as Somali Ambassador to the Great Lakes Region in Africa and He is currently the Director of the Office of Somali Information Technology in Multilingual E-Governance, The Chief of the NSS/Diplomatic Branch and the Spokesperson of the Republic of Somalia.

Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye is well-known Somali American author and public diplomat who's very humble to interact with multicultural communities and he speaks many languages.

We're truly delighted to see him as Somalia's next most educated and highly talented Prime Minister from Darod Tribe Leelkase Clan.

For more information about him please visit us at the Office of the Somali Prime Minister